Egg Nutrition

Eggs are considered a “nutrient dense” food, and one of nature’s most perfect foods. Find out more:   AEB Nutrition Facts

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Eggs contain nutrients that are
important for brain health, such
as lutein and choline!  Lutein is
an antioxidant that supports
normal brain function and
choline affects the areas of the
brain responsible for memory
and life-long learning ability.

MS Egg Marketing Board

Eggs are an easy and satisfying
food that can be prepared quickly
and eaten on the run!

MS Egg Marketing Board

Beginning the day with eggs can
help prevent midmorning hunger
and improve nutrient intake.

MS Egg Marketing Board

One large egg contains varying
amounts of 13 essential vitamins,
minerals and protein.

MS Egg Marketing Board

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the MS Ag,
and Forestry Museum has become
a tradition in central Mississippi.

MS Egg Marketing Board

Chef Nick Wallace, a local celebrity
chef, loves to feature eggs in his
Farm to Table dishes.

MS Egg Marketing Board

Eggs are the most ecomical source
of high-quality protein per serving

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Benefits of Nutritious Eggs

Many consumers choose eggs because they are inexpensive, convenient, easy to prepare, versatile and tasty. There are 13 essential vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and anitoxidants…all in just 70 calories.

They promote good health with benefits for children, seniors, pregnant women and people that want to lose weight.

They are versatile, quick and easy to prepare. Eggs have been shown to help children focus and perform better in school.

Eggs are an excellent source of choline, a nutrient considered essential for normal fetal/infant brain development and for memory, even later in life. The iron in eggs are a good choice for women at risk for anemia.

Eggs are good for people watching their weight. The protein in eggs helps you feel fuller longer while providing energy which helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Eggs will help you stay stronger longer. The protein in eggs will help prevent age-related loss of muscle mass and strength.

For more information on egg nutrition, please visit Incredible Egg Nutrition Facts

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